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Beginning Acrylic Painting for Adults - Saturdays

10/6, 10/13, 10/20/18

Learn all the basics of Acrylic Painting in a fun supportive environment.  Take home finished paintings each day.



Big, Bold, Juicy Abstract Painting

10/27, 10/28/18

Go big and go bold in this fun 2-day workshop.  Create looser, more engaging work, using your whole body.  Prerequisite:  Beginning Acrylic Painting class or some experience. Coteachers: Terry with Gail Baker.



I am a new painter and I love how Terry works with us to expand our creativity.  Different materials, design, paints and collage art!  I love her classes and look forward to more!


Terry shares a depth of knowledge and creates a fun learning experience. 


Terry is a wonderful teacher.  She is very positive and encouraging.  She takes the stress out of creating beautiful art.

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