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2020-2021 Plein Air Sketching and Classes

Plein Air

I joined the Plein Air group at our new community as soon as we moved to Arizona.  It was a life saver for (social extrovert) me.  Before the COVID vaccine, meeting outside was the only way to safely meet with people, so this was perfect! I made friends, discovered a lot of new places, and enjoyed sketching what I different from Washington where I'd spent the past 40 years!

Classes and studies

I've enjoyed teaching Mixed Media classes at our new community, Quail Creek, at Green Valley AZ. There is an active Fine Arts Painting Club, which makes it easier to find a new "art tribe".  I also joined the Lapidary and Jewelry club, still learning that, and will have things to show later!

Zoom art classes were a new thing in 2020, brought on by "you-know-what"!  Live online classes created great opportunities for learning from great teachers around the globe.  And having this focus really helped my state of mind during such uncertain times and periods of isolation, not to mention 2 moves.

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