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One thing I like better than making art.....

is taking art classes! Seriously, I don't want to go to art school, because that involves pressure and grading and schedules. But taking art classes and workshops is just so much fun for me! I get to learn new techniques, materials, make new friends....what could be better!

Paintings in process, day 1 of art class.

This week I'm in British Columbia taking a 5 day class from Jane Davies, an abstract Vermont artist. We're focusing on Composition and Differences. This is not a new topic, but the approach she uses is different. It's difficult to override the default habit of creating similar sizes, shapes, colors, etc. But DIFFERENCES are what can excite us as we look at art.

We've only finished day 2 of 5. Maybe I'll make another post at the end of the class.

One painting in process on Day 2 of art class

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